School Staff

"School of Peace is the only way to get a good feeling about the future

Sami,26, Congo

The African class - the Congolese class for 6-8 years old.

French and Mathematics Teacher

The School of Peace is a dream come true for me. Something I love and do with all my heart. An inner will that ensures me that I succeeded in doing good for others. I am proud of the partnership between Ajial and Hashomer Hatzair, in our actions together over the sea. When you work together you make life better.

Yusuf, 47, Israel

Headquarters Team

What I love about the school:  The joy and the sense of security, the fun and the energy, kids teach each other new skills. The school is a bridge of love for a better future, Hands of peace combined together to spread fear"

Manar, 42, Syria

Dolphin class - the Arabic speaking class for 6-9 years old. Art and Mathematics Teacher

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The School of Peace for me is a joint creation of many people from different cultues. People who choose to put in the center humant contact, conversation, partnership, leadership and responsibility. Our creation is education of peace and conflict resolution in a way of dialogue, to create a better society and a better future.

Orit, 33, Israel

Headquarters Coordinator

"What I love in the school is the team work"

Abdulla, Syria 20

Dolphin class - the Arabic speaking class for 6-9 years old.

English Teacher

Each time I entered the School there was a powerful meeting point of thoughts, hard dilemmas, mixed emotions. The students. Teachers and the refugee community are the only ones that made sense in this, that brought back the order of things and fixed my feelings and emotions.

Ayman, 42, Israel

Headquarters Team

The school for me is the incubator and surrounding that each person in this world needs. It only looks at the human values and brings human equality to life.

Yusuf, 34, Israel

Headquarters Team

ISOP For me is hope. all the people that come to this island (Lesvos) has been through a very long journey, and they are tired and lost, the school gives them light and hope. 

They find something nice on this island, something free, a place for their children. 

The idea I want to tell is that ISOP means for me, hope,  chance, and light.

Fatima, Syria, 30

Lion class - the Arabic speaking class for 8-12 years old. English Teacher

The school for me is living evidence to the fact that when people chose to meet with open hurt and a lot of courage, almost everything is possible. Overcoming walls of language, culture, politics and history.  

Roni, 26, Israel

Headquarters Coordinator

The special thing about our school is that it is made out of patches, when each and every student, teacher and team member adds something and makes it what it is - the story of us all, the future of us all.

Na'ama, 30,Israel

Headquarters Team

The Peace School provides an opportunity for education for all children
Someone from Congo and the other from Afghanistan, they can't communicate, the school of peace makes it possible, because it creates a common language between people

Israel, 22, Congo

The African class- the Congolese class for 12-16 years old 

English and Music Teacher

In the School of Peace, there's room for every single one: everyone feels at home and everyone is welcome.

Yael, 34, Israel

Headquarters Team

When the children get off the bus, I understand the happiness and meaning that the school creates for both children and teachers.

Liri, 29, Israel

Headquarters Team

"School of Peace makes people to see the world differently.

You can be the most beautiful flower among thorns."

The school is one of the most special projects of Ajial, through it we discovered new experiences and learned a lot ourselves

Firas, 38, Israel

Headquarters Team

Iman, 27,Iran 

Tiger class - the Dari speaking class for 13-14 years old.

Theater and Life Skills Teacher

The School of Peace is the warm home of an international family that loves and embraces all students, teachers, and partners

May, 33, Israel

Headquarters Team

We're not just a school, we're a big family. In this family, it’s unknown who are the parents, everyone plays the role of a family member for one another, sometimes a seven-year-old child becomes a parent to other students. In this school; there are young students with big hearts and unique dreams. In spite of their problems, these kids are one step closer to their goals every day. Every day they are stronger than yesterday.

Omid, 24, Iran

Deer class - the Dari speaking class for 10-12 years old. Mathematics Teacher

The school for me means home.

Home filled with love, a place to really meet and be happy

The place where everything is possible.

Anat, 31, Israel

Headquarters Coordinator

The school is like a paradise for me, a paradise full of beautiful flowers and we help them grow up.

Faiza, 21,Afghanistan

Giraffe class - the Dari speaking class for 8-10 years old. English Teacher

What I like about the school is that one can see there daily that when people invest in trust building even the hardest of diffrences can be briged.

Yair, 30, Israel

Headquarters Team

"School of Peace for me is: Get acquainted with the culture and civilization of the people of the East, West, North and South of the Earth."

Didar, Afganistan, 20

Eagle class - the Dari speaking class for 15-18 years old. Dari Teacher

The School of Peace: a lesson for all about humanity & love of mankind, which teaches that it's possible to make a better world.

Eitan, 62, Israel

The school Social worker

The School of Peace is one of my best experiences at Lesvos. Words alone are not enough to express the wonders this school offers to children. ISOP is full of love and everyone feels safe, characterize diversity and multiculturalism. Each child has the opportunity to learn, and have fun. everyone finds their place and it's simply magical. Thank you Israel for this wonderful project

Elizabeth, 19, Cameroon

The African class - the Congolese class for 12-16 years old, French Teacher

The school for me is an island of magic on Lesbos, it is a place where children are children, adults are educators and everyone is friends.

Ya'ara, 34, Israel

School coordinator

What I love and touching about at school is the real, beautiful, interesting and colorful multiculturalism, the simplicity of the educational activity. Creating a safe space with love is enough to heal a little even when the situation temporary   

Nitzan, 32, Israel

School Coordinator

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